Some Frequently Asked Questions.

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How often is this site updated?

I try to add a new chapter  every two months at the lastest. Unfortunately it depends on my schdeual but I am aiming at that. Hopefully that's not just wishful thinking.


Is this a published comic?

Ooooooh no. This is strictly a web based thing. I myself am not a professional artist (And I'm sure its shows dramatically). This comic is just a way for me to get my creativity out.


Will it ever be published?

Probably not. I'm not in pursuit of making this a true comic. Though one never knows what the future holds, right?


Where did you get the idea for this shlock?

Most of it is explained in the Background section of the site. But The main source of inspiration of the comic is from the song "Eat My Brain" by The Odds. You can find the song on The Kids In The Hall soundtrack.


Why don't you do your comic in color? Are you like, lazy or something?

Why yes....yes I am.


So just who exactly /is/ Naomi Lewis?

Other than a fictional character? Naomi Lewis is almost a sleepy angry version of myself. I don't sleep very often and get cranky.


What does she major in?

She major's in Visual Arts.


What's her GPA considering she spends so much time hunting demons?

Naomi actually has a pretty high GPA.



How do I get to become a demon hunter?

 ...please say you're kidding...


Where do demons come from, is it sorta like babies?

..Really...PLEASE say you're kidding...


Are You Single?

Oooh boy.....*rubs temples*



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