So, What's the Deal?

Naomi Lewis started out as a goofy story I was writing when I was an undergrad. I was commuting by train to school and needed a way to occupy my time. BAM! Out she popped! Now, commuting can be a pain. And having a major that makes you stay up until all hours makes that commute complete murder. Some time during my rather sleep deprived train ride, I wondered what it would be like to have to save humanity, AND go to school... Stop looking at me like that.

I always felt there was a shortage of female action characters. It always seemed to me that no matter how strong a woman may be in a story, there is always a point where a dashing hero has to rush in and save her. Not that there is anything wrong with handsome, shirtless heroes but there is a part of me that wants to see the opposite happen. What happens to the hero when he gets into a jam? Or better yet, how would a woman handle being a bad ass? Better yet, how would a woman college student handle it? ...I said stop looking at me like that!

Naomi Lewis takes place in my favorite city by the bay, San Francisco. Why? Well, Its kinda a freaky city. If you don't believe me, spend a few hours in the Tenderloin.

My friend once told me that Naomi Lewis was Men In Black in Hell... I take that as a complement.

I hope you enjoy!  

Hunter Terminology


Redemption - When a demon is turned from the dark side to the human side. No religion involved.

Rogue Demon -A demon who has been redeemed. A Rouge will be stripped of most of its magic accept for shape shifting. The three forms Rogues can take are human, rogue form (human with wings and horns), and dim.

Dimming - The power to become invisible to the human eye.

Fanboy - Those sweet (but annoying) young comic book and Star Trek obsessors. Spends most of their days eating twinkies and wanting to become hunter sidekicks.

Darlings - Hunters in training.

 The Chosen - A group of rogue hunters that split from the agency. These hunters are convinced that they are agents of god and must destroy all demons including rogues, hybrids, and any human that befriends them.



Special Thanks!

To Jennifer Anderson for giving Naomi a home. You're the BEST!

To Paul White, who would endure looooooong coffee dates to hear me talk about this schlock.

To Gryphon, who always is my html savior.

To Scott M. Rogof, who gave me inspiration for Nameless.

To Eric Sanitai, the real life Vic.

To A Fan, who breathed some depth into Josh.

To Doug Chastant for giving Jake a back bone.

To Cheryl Chastant, who is always willing to ink for me.

To Leigh Ann Wilson, Naomi's real life fan girl. ;)

To Mike Ostokol, who liked this stuff enough to tell everyone to read it. rock.

To Michelle Pena, For not being afraid of me.;)


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