The Other Guys

Nameless Sucubus

Age- Hell, Who Knows?

Height- 5' 10"

Species- Succubus

Type- Walking Ho Bag

Background-No one knows were Nameless came from. No one knows why she is here. But everyone knows what her breasts look like. Nameless runs a small occult bookshop in downtown San Francisco. She is a heavy source of information and seems to know any movement going on in the Netherwords. She is also liable to sell you out to the highest bidder. Nameless has a uncontrollable power over the male of the species. When needing information, the Agency will always send a woman to do the job or a guy with a full pack of cigarettes and a lot of time. No one knows exactly where those snakes her coming from.

Quote- " should see where I keep the spiders..."


Age- 900

Height- 6'

Species- Vampire

Type- Hopeless Casanova

Background-Don't let his gothic good looks fool you, he's just not very bright. Javier tries to be Lestat, Dracula, and Nosferatu in one slender package. What you get is more like Eddie Murphy in Vampire in Brooklyn. He tends to have a good relationship with the hunters and is a excellent pair of eyes for demon behavior. But sometimes his "mystique" gets the better of him and he ends up with the barrel of a shot gun in his mouth with an angry female on the other end.

Quote- "I see you laying of a bed of silk. So lovely and-..crap..spilt my beer...."

Michelle "Chelle" Pena

Age- 21

Height- 5'4"

Species- Human

Type- Hunter. Class 3

Background-Relatively new to the agency, Michelle has proven herself one hardcore ass kicker. And she does it all in platform sandals. Chelle is known to be Naomi's successor, and actually enjoys the mysterious sexy comic book image that is thrust on her. One day she will be a class 1 hunter. But for now she is held back because her partners and Darlings tend to spontaneously die when on patrol with her. Until she can keep one alive for at least a month, Chelle isn't allowed to advance to the next level. Ain't that a bitch?

Quote- "Stop Looking At My Boobs!"

Mike Mitchell

Age- 29

Height- 5'10"

Species- Human

Type- Hunter. Class 2

Background-To simply put it. Mike=Scumb-wad. Mike seems to think he is god's gift to women, constantly attempting to pose or talk about his own "massive pecks". For some reason he has gotten it in his head that he and Naomi dated at one time. Naomi denies any contact with him outside the occasional slap in the face. Unfortunately Mike is one good hunter, and has proven himself too many times for him to get fired. His come on lines are pathetic and his shoulders are girly.

Quote- "Damn you're cute when you're angry..."

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