The Good Guys

Naomi Lewis

Age- 23 years

Height- 5'6"

Species- Human

Type- Demon Hunter, Class 1

Background- A San Francisco native, Naomi grew up in an average family, as an average child and can basically be called overall average. She enrolled in San Fransisco State University majoring in Fine Arts. The day she found out she can kick the ass of large bat like creatures came to a suprise to her (well wouldn't YOU be suprised?). She joined the agency by accident, reading a misprint in the newspaper and thinking she was interviewing for a graphic arts job. Lacking in that mysterious, sexy super heroine mistique, Naomi is the girl next store...with a gun. Her wit is rather dry and her personality can be described as plesant when she isn't suffering from severe sleep deprivation (which is constantly).

Quote- "Umm...can I get paid now?"


Vic (Vicktor)

Age- 500 years

Height- 7'' in Rouge form

Species- Rogue Demon

Type- Smart ass

Background- Vic was a part of what The Agency refered to as The Big Three. The Big Three consisted of three Class 1 demons with nasty attitudes (Ancanus, Asmodeus, and Vicktor). The youngest, Vicktor had the worst attitude of them all, being a rather angry thorn in Naomi's side durring her darling months. This all changed drasticly when Vic found himself deserted by his comrads and left for dead. Naomi spared his life for some reason she can't even figure out and from that moment on Vic became her keeper. When not making crass comments about his own ass, Vic is usually found playing den mother to Naomi and lounging in his boxers. He makes a mean cappochino.

Quote- "Damn I'm good...Want some coffee from the Vicster?"

Josh Wedoski

Age- 21

Height- 5' 10"

Species- Human

Type- Fanboy

Background- A young man with zero social skills, Josh is the shy quiet type who only tends to open his mouth to make an idiot of himself. A rather bright lad, majoring in physical science, Josh is as loyal as a puppy dog. Having quite the school boy crush on Naomi, he constantly is pleading to be her sidekick. He's sweet... a little mixed up but sweet.

Quote- "...*squeeks*..."

Jacob "Jake" Xellos

Age- 25

Height- 6' 11"

Species- Demon/ Human Hybrid

Type- Walking identity crisis.

Background- Mail room clerk by day. Stand-up comedian by night. Strange freak of nature 24/7. Jake is so far the only known demon/human hybrid in exsistance, and considering humans and demons aren't..erm..compatable, that's quite a feat. When asked about Jake's orgins, Mrs Xellos tends to reply with "well...I was young and I really THOUGHT I orded a Pepsi that night!" The rest is a blur. Having a bit of an eye for Naomi, the hybrid falls all over himself to get her attention, turning into instant super dork. Naomi finds this quite charming. He often wonders how he get himself into dangerous situations. Jake tends to be the nice guy next door with a smile and a joke for anyone. That is, until you point out the fact that he has wings and horns, then he can get down right testy. He's very shy about his "disfunctions" and keeps them hidden whenever possible. His collection of hats is quite remarkable.

Quote-" Doesn't that strike you as a little, oh, I dunno, nuts?"

Charles Evenston

Age- 55

Height- 5' 9"

Species- Human

Type- Head of The Angency, West Coast Branch.

Background- The mysterious Charles Evenston runs the West Coast branch of the Hunter's Agency. Not much is known about Charles accept that he is rich, smart, and was probably one hell of a bad ass in his hay day. Known as MR. Evenston to Rogues and as Chuck to Naomi, Charles hand picked and trained Naomi Lewis himself and can be considered a second father to her...or at least a really cool uncle. His face is leathery.

Quote-"I'm a business man...I like to protect my assets."

Delylah (Delly)

Age- 490 years

Height- 6' 5"

Species- Rouge Demon.

Type- Super She Bitch.

Background-A sassy and sexy rogue demoness with a hot french accent. Also a taken demoness. Delly is the loving wife of Vic. The two were separated when Vic was redeemed for about a year's time before Delly herself was summoned and redemed so she could join him. Between the pair, Delly is the brains of the marriage, keeping Vic in line and leading him around like a puppy by his hormones.

Quote-"What are expecting me to say? Yer Muther Smelt of Elderberrieeez?"

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